Hubble Love!

Beaded Love Letters

Hubble Love!

Beaded Love LettersWanting to share in the ‘LOVE’ that’s spreading at #lovebeadlove, the fabulous new blog and brainchild of Marcia DeCoster, I made an L with our daughter Louise in mind. She is going to present us with our first grandchild in August and I cannot wait!
Marcia has designed the letters that spell LOVE, in CRAW and embellished them beautifully; she shared the patterns for the letters and invited others to join the fun. I started making one in CRAW, but stopped and felt the urge to work out how the do it in Hubble stitch – specifically Wave Hubble. The challenge came in working the right angle, but it was so much fun to do that I just had to make the rest of the word. I’ve had those little hearts in  my stash for years and finally found the place for them. Then, because Louise is growing our little star in her tummy, I worked a bit of ‘Chatonology’ on a tiny 4mm (ss17) chaton to add the star.
The O turned out beautifully along the lines of the Toroid shapes, outlined in chapter 7 of Hubble Stitch 2, and then the V just needed two acute angles which meant modifying the right angle of the L. I’ll get Steve to frame the word and we can give it to Louise to put in baby’s room – that’ll spread our love!

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